'Leader Of The Starry Skies' features contributions from Oceansize, Steven Wilson, Andy Partridge, Julianne Regan, William D Drake and many more.
Tim Smith composer, principal songwriter, lead singer and guitarist of Cardiacs and numerous other seminal music projects suffered a severe stroke in 2008. The artists on 'Starry Skies' have come together to celebrate and promote Tim's unique music and raise funds for Tim, who is at present unable to do many of the things we all take for granted.
Tim Smith's unique style makes it impossible not to hear how much influence Cardiacs have had on the current wave of British alternative artists. Each track has very much been a labour of love for the artists involved, impeccably recreating the signature sound that made Cardiacs stand head and shoulders above their contemporaries. Leader of the Starry Skies creates an atmosphere that's almost carnival like in nature, plunging the listener into a world of psychadelia, soaked in progressive punk. This album has helped introduce the work of Tim Smith and Cardiacs to a new generation of listeners.
All label profits from the sale of this album will go directly to Tim Smith.
Double 180gm vinyl version in gatefold cover.
Side 1:
1. Savour - William D Drake And His So Called Friends (5:29)
2. Big Ship - Ultrasound (5:36)
3. Fear - Oceansize  (2:20)
4. Let Alone My Plastic Doll - Mark Cawthra (4:03)
Side 2:
5. Day Is Gone - The Trudy (3:36)
6. Foundling - Stars In Battledress (4:24)
7. Will Bleed Amen (Feat: Sarah Measures) -Max Tundra (4:45)
8. Shaping The River - Julianne Regan (2:17)
9. The Stench Of Honey - Knifeworld (5:25)
Side 3:
10. A Little Man And A House - The Magic Numbers (4:34)
11. Is This The Life - mikrokosmos (6:22)
12. March - North Sea Radio Orchestra (3:30)
13. Lilywhite's Party (Feat: Andy Partridge) - Robert White  (5:10)
Side 4:
14. Wind And Rains Is Cold - Rose Kemp Vs Rarg (4:53)
15. Up In Annie's Room - Katherine Blake (2:15)
16. Stoneage Dinosaurs - Steven Wilson (4:16)
17. Home Of Fadeless Splendour - The Scaramanga Six (4:55)