Frankenstein Monster sees Francis Dunnery's magnificent return to the electric guitar and his Progressive / Rock roots.
A tribute to his dead brother, the album comprises versions of songs by Necromandus, his brother's 1970's band.
A hidden history with a touching modern twist.
Francis Dunnery says:
Growing up in 'our house' back in the 60's was the most amazing experience a young boy could ever hope to have. There were hippies all over the place, Wrangler and Levi clad hippies with long hair and 'enjoy cocaine' badges sewn on to their uniform.  The hippies were all friends, roadies or band members of my brother 'Baz' (his real name was Barry). I would wake up in the morning and there would be hippies all over the living room floor asleep.  My mam got them up with a cup of tea and some bacon and egg sandwiches. The hangovers, the smoking, the jokes, the swearing and the collection of instruments that passed through my living space will never be forgotten.
My sister also had friends visit and the neighbors were always dropping in so you can imagine the sheer stimuli that I was exposed to. It seemed normal at the time but when I look back 'our house' was a circus, an absolute brilliant place to grow up. It was incredibly diverse, emotionally warm and there was always something happening. That whole magical world has now gone, replaced instead by bills and a bald head!  Caught between yearning for 'what once was' and accepting 'what now is'. I sometimes look at photos of my brother and I can't believe he's dead. It's so weird that he's not around.
My big brother Baz was the lead guitar player for a West Cumbrian band called Necromadus. Necromandus were four local 'lads' who 'gigged' most of the time in local pubs. They had a brief flirtation with the music industry when they were managed by Black Sabbath guitarist, Tony Iommi who helped them to record an album. The album never came out and the band went back to playing local working mens clubs and then later split. Yet despite their anonymity, they were held as Gods in the eyes of the two hundred people who knew them locally. They were respected to the degree that when you met them you had the feeling you were in the presence of people who had achieved great heights in the music industry. Certainly to me, they had equal footing to any other successful seventies rock band. I thought they were amazing.
Looking back, I supposed my Mother always sensed that I was the strongest brother of the two and so she felt very protective about Baz. She often asked me if I would help him get his music out into the world and I tried for years to help him. But try as I might, there was something inside of my brother that resisted any attempt to be successful. Just before she died, my Mother made me promise that Baz and I would make a CD together so that everyone could finally hear him play, which suited me just fine because as early as I can remember all I ever wanted to do was share a stage with my brother, I idolized him. My brother died of Cancer before I had the chance to make my Mother's wishes a reality.
If you met him in the pub, my brother was an extremely kind, friendly individual who loved his West Cumbrian roots and his family. He could charm the pants off anyone, he was truly great to be around! But along with his irresistible shine, there was also another, darker dimension to his personality that destroyed every chance he ever had. It was incredibly frustrating to watch him destroy opportunity after opportunity. I call it 'The family Demon'. Many of his closest friends thought that they knew him but his story is far more delicate and intricate than any of them ever realized.  You cannot truly know my brother without knowing 'The Family Demon' and the only way to know 'The Family Demon' is to have it yourself!
Starting May 29th 2013, which is the anniversary of my brothers passing, along with my nephew John Dunnery, Paul Brown on bass and Tony Beard on drums, together we are going to record a CD of Necromandus music in honor of my brothers amazing talent on the guitar. We are also going to film an online documentary in honor of his life. The documentary will run concurrent with the re make of the CD. (You'll learn all about the Family Demon in the documentary)
The CD will first and foremost be a tribute to my brother and his incredible talent. The CD will honor my Mams dying wish that my brother and I would be on the same CD. (playing his guitar parts is about as close as I can get)  The CD will also fulfill my Mothers wishes for 'my Baz's' guitar playing to be heard.  I will fulfill my own wishes to share the stage with him. John Dunnery will be honoring his Father and stepping up to the table to fulfill his own musical ambitions and Paul and Tony will get to fulfill themselves musically by playing on the most incredible Progressive Rock Album that the UK has ever not known!  All of us together on this project will put the final nail in the coffin of the family demon which destroyed my brother's life and  the documentary will tell the whole story week by week.
I have never been so inspired to play electric guitar in years. I am literally chomping on the bit to get this thing going. This is the electric project I have been waiting for. I never thought I would feel this excited about electric guitar again but it was staring me right in the face all along. I know the rest of the band feel the same way, the energy around the project is really great and we've only just begun. I promise you that this will be an album you'll never forget.

 Side One:

1. Frankenstein Monster
2. Don't Look Down Frank
3. Leaving The Depot
Side Two:
1. I've Been Evil
2. Limpet Man
3. Marijuana Make Those Eyes At Me For
4. Wum Wop
Side Three:
1. Big Fine Lad
2. Yam
3. Judy Green Rocket
4. Christianity
Side Four:
1. Blood Of My Fathers
2. Ho Ho Your Sandwiches
3. Multi Colored Judy Green