Format: vinyl
Artist: Jethro Tull
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War Child Jethro Tull vinyl
Originally released in 1974, War Child represented a radical departure from the previous year’s A Passion Play. Developing out of an ambitious project involving a film, a soundtrack and conventional album, eventually only the latter appeared.
In 1974, Jethro Tull announced plans for Warchild, a multi-faceted project that was to encompass a feature-length film, a soundtrack album, as well a new album from the band. In October of that year, Tull released a 10-song album that would climb to #2 in the U.S. and the top 15 in the U.K., but the film and accompanying soundtrack were shelved. 
War Child features one of the group's most stable lineups and includes Ian Anderson, Martin Barre, John Evans, Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond and Barrie Barlow. Unlike its predecessors - Thick As A Brick and A Passion Play - which featured 40-odd minutes of continuous music, War Child marked a return to songs of a more conventional length, including the FM-radio staple, "Bungle In The Jungle." 
This 2014 vinyl edition contains the 2014 Steven Wilson stereo mix of the original album.
Side 1:
1. War Child (4:34) 
2. Queen And Country (3:02) 
3. Ladies (3:19) 
4. Back-Door Angels (5:29) 
5. Sealion (3:38) 
Side 2:
1. Skating Away On The Thin Ice Of The New Day (3:58) 
2. Bungle In The Jungle (3:37) 
3. Only Solitaire (1:30) 
4. The Third Hoorah (4:51) 
5. Two Fingers (5:09) 
- Ian Anderson / flute, acoustic guitar, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone, sopranino saxophone, vocals 
- Martin Barre / electric guitar, spanish guitar
- Barriemore Barlow / drums, glockenspiel, marimba, percussion 
- Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond / bass, string bass 
- John Evan / piano, organ, synthesizers, piano accordion
Guest musician:
- David Palmer / orchestrations and conducting, members of the Philomusica of London.