Format: vinyl
Artist: Led Zeppelin
CatNo: 0081227964603
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Led Zeppelin Led Zeppelin I Vinyl


Deluxe triple LP package. 
The first LP contains a 2014 remaster of Led Zeppelin's groundbreaking debut, while the second and third feature a previously unreleased concert recorded in Paris in October 1969. 
180g vinyl in a tri-fold sleeve.
Original Album
Side A
A1 Good Times Bad Times 2:46
A2 Babe I'm Gonna Leave You 6:42
A3 You Shook Me 6:28
A4 Dazed And Confused 6:28
Side B
B1 Your Time Is Gonna Come 4:34
B2 Black Mountain Side 2:12
B3 Communication Breakdown 2:30
B4 I Can't Quit You Baby 4:42
B5 How Many More Times 8:27
Live At The Olympia (Paris, France - October 10, 1969)
Side C
C1 Good Times, Bad Times / Communication Breakdown 3:52
C2 You Shook Me 11:56
Side D
D1 Heartbreaker 3:50
D2 Dazed And Confused 15:01
Side E
E1 White Summer / Black Mountain Side 9:19
E2 Moby Dick 9:51
Side F
F1 I Can't Quit You Baby 6:41
F2 How Many More Times 10:43