Format: vinyl
Artist: Ozric Tentacles
CatNo: SMALP955 deleted
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Jurassic Shift Ozric Tentacles Vinyl

LP edition of the Ozrics 1993 breakthrough release pressed on pink heavyweight (180g) vinyl, containing a bonus 12" single.

Jurrasic Shift was the fourth official studio release by Ozric Tentacles and the first album to be recorded in their own studio The Mill.
The album reached #11 in the UK national chart and spent 3 weeks at #1 in the UK independent chart (having a 3 month chart run in total). 
"Jurassic Shift remains a creative peak." - Classic Rock

1. Sunhair (05:42)
2. Stretchy (06:52)
3. Feng Shui (10:25)

1. Jurassic Shift (11:04)
2. Pteranodon (05:41)
3. Train Oasis (02:46)
4. Vita Voom (04:46)
1. Half Light In Thillai (05:36)
2. Sunhair (System 7 Stargate Mix)(08:33)
1. Pteranodon (Hallucinogen Mix) (08:53)