Format: vinyl
Artist: Zed (aka Bernard Szajner)
CatNo: iF1029LP
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Visions Of Dune Zed aka Bernard Szajner vinyl
A loving vinyl reissue of a 1979 synth classic by 'the French Brian Eno', Visions Of Dune is an innovative electronic conceptual suite evoking Frank Herbert's Dune Trilogy in musical form.
From the Prog pomp of the introductory Dune to the modular intrigue of Shai Hulud, Visions Of Dune is a bold and immersive listen.
French electronic pioneer Bernard Szajner's 1979 concept album based around Frank Herbert's cult Dune Trilogy featured hypnotic sci-fi drones and otherworldly melodies creating a multi-layered, deeply immersive listening experience.
Remastered from the original tapes by Rashad Becker in Berlin, and with a new sleeve reimagined by acclaimed Barcelona-based designer Arnau Pi (Young Turks, Hivern Discs, DJ Kicks), the reissue includes two lost pieces from the original sessions, left off because Pathe Marconi EMI considered them to be 'too futuristic'.
After years spent in relative obscurity, it is time for the best-kept secret of the French underground to leave its protective shadow and finally appear in the full light of day.
About Bernard Szajner:
Often described as the 'French Brian Eno', and like his British counterpart he has a parallel career as a successful visual artist. Before he started recording music he established himself as the mastermind behind innovative lighting effects for Gong, Magma, Pierre Henry, Oliver Messiasen, Stomu Yamashta and The Who. Later he became a pioneer in laser technology and robotics, inspired in 1980 by Samuel Delany's novel Nova to create a laser harp which he used live on stage. He also collaborated with Howard Devoto of Magazine, and with Karel Beer in iconoclastic new wave outfit The (Hypothetical) Prophets.
A1 Dune 4:53
A2 Bashar 1:34
A3 Thufir Hawat 1:10
A4 Sardaukar 1:00
A5 Bene Gesserit 7:16
A6 Shai Hulud 7:22
B1 Fremen 4:10
B2 Harkonnen 2:56
B3 Adab 2:28
B4 Gom Jabbar 1:25
B5 Ibad 4:47
B6 Kwizatz Haderach 5:46
Download Card bonus tracks:
C1 Duke (unreleased track) 4:37
C2 Spice (unreleased track) 4:29