Format: vinyl
Artist: Pattern-Seeking Animals
CatNo: 19439749711
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Pattern-Seeking Animals Prehensile Tales double vinyl_cd
2020’s Prehensile Tales is the second studio album from Pattern-Seeking Animals (the quartet featuring the talents of current and former Spock’s Beard members Ted Leonard, Jimmy Keegan and Dave Meros as well as long-time contributing songwriter-producer John Boegehold). 
Double vinyl in gatefold sleeve with CD.
Coming out just one year after the much-lauded self-titled PSA debut Prehensile Tales proves to be a an even more adventurous Prog journey with a strong emphasis on infectious melodies and powerful dynamics.
Includes two 10 minute plus epics.
1. Raining Hard In Heaven (8:31)
2. Here In My Autumn (7:56)
1. Elegant Vampires (4:29)
2. Why Don't We Run (5:08)
1. Lifeboat (17:20)
1. Soon But Not Today (12:03)
1. Raining Hard In Heaven (8:31)
2. Here In My Autumn (7:56)
3. Elegant Vampires (4:29)
4. Why Don't We Run (5:08)
5. Lifeboat (17:20)
6. Soon But Not Today (12:03)