Format: vinyl
Artist: Unitopia
CatNo: PLG089(tp) deleted
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Unitopia The Garden Vinyl test pressing

Remastered version of Unitopia's second album from 1998. 

Presented in individually numbered special TP inner sleeves, a very limited test pressing of the album.

Purchases through Burning Shed come with a download of full album upon release date (available in Your Account).

Side 1
The Garden 22:33
Side 2
One Day 2:28
Journeys Friend 16:31
Side 3
Angeliqua 9:51
Here I Am 3:21
Amelia's Dream 3:23
I Wish I Can Fly 3:26
Side 4
Give And Take 5:11
When I'm Down 5:41
This Life 4:49
Love Never Ends 3:50
Side 5
So Far Away 2:12
Don't Give Up Love 7:51
321 5:34
Inside The Power 4:32
Side 6
Tears From The Garden 3:56
The Garden (Live RoSFest 2017) 22:19