Wigwam's 1971 album Fairyport is a brilliant showcase of what a gifted progressive rock group can accomplish at the height of its creative powers. 
Originally released on the Finnish label Love Records, in an ambitious double LP gatefold package with a large booklet, the Svart reissue faithfully recreates the original layout and expands it into a triple fold cover, with the addition of contemporary liner notes and photos.
Double LP.
Disc: 1

1. Losing Hold

2. Gray Traitors

3. Lost Without A Trace

4. Caffkaff, The Country Psychologist

5. May Your Will Be Done, Dear Lord

6. Fairyport

7. How To Make It Big In Hospital

Disc: 2

1. Rave-Up For The Roadies

2. Hot Mice

3. P.K.'s Super Market

4. One More Try

5. Rockin' Ol' Galway

6. Every Fold