Clint Mansell's haunting original score for the San Junipero episode of Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror series.

Picture disc edition.

Please note: Picture discs are handmade & not audiophile pressings. This process of manufacture makes them, inevitably, more susceptible to crackles, pops & occasional warping. But they do look fab!


Side One
1 San Junipero (80's-90's-00's--s)
2 Faith, Hope, Fear & Falling In Love
3 Tick Tock (Clock Of My Heart)
4 Night Drive
5 Property Of Tucker Systems
Side Two
1 In Sickness, In Health
2 Life Eternal
3 Waves Crashing On Distant Shores Of Time
4 Endless Summer
5 San Junipero (Saturday Night In The City Of The Dead)