Format: cd
Artist: White Willow
CatNo: LE1078CD
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White Willow Future Hopes cd
White Willow's 2017 album - its first since 2011's Terminal Twilight - sees the Norwegians exploring some of the most 'Progressive' territory the band has ever ventured into, with several lengthy tracks, complex instrumental passages, and a heavy use of synthesizers, including the unique textures of the Yamaha CS80.
The Future Hopes lineup - with multi-instrumentalists Jacob Holm-Lupo and Mattias Olsson at the core - sees the return of several White Willow stalwarts, including flautist Ketil Einarsen (Jaga Jazzist, Motorpsycho), keyboardist Lars Fredrik Froislie (Wobbler, Tusmorke), and bassist Ellen Andrea Wang (Pixel, Manu Katche Quartet). New arrival Venke Knutson is best known in her native Norway for a string of Top 10 solo hits and is a revelation in the fresh context of WW.
The striking artwork by Roger Dean has been specially commissioned for the album.
1. Future Hopes 
2. Silver & Gold 
3. In Dim Days 
4. Where There Was Sea There Is Abyss 
5. A Scarred View 
Bonus Tracks:
6. Animal Magnetism
7. Damnation Valley