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Welcome To My DNA
Artist: Blackfield
Format: Vinyl

Blackfield is the acclaimed collaboration between Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) and Israeli arti..
Flowermouth (2005 edition)
Artist: No-Man
Format: CD

Originally recorded in 1993 and released in 1994 on the One Little Indian label, No-Man's critica..
Artist: No-Man
Format: CD

The Kscope edition of No-Man's 'Speak' album (which was previously available as a limited run on ..
Insurgentes - The Movie
Artist: Steven Wilson
Format: DVD

Insurgentes is the documentary film about Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree) directed by Lasse Hoile...
Artist: Nosound
Format: CD/DVD

Kscope's deluxe reissue of Nosound's 2005 debut album, Sol29.    ------..
Things Buried
Artist: Richard Barbieri
Format: CD

"Things Buried" is the debut solo album from Richard Barbieri.   Surprisingly this is hi..
Three Fact Fader
Artist: Engineers
Format: CD

Four years after the release of their landmark debut, the band released their epic second album, ..
Insurgentes - poster
Artist: Steven Wilson
Format: Poster/Print

A1 poster featuring the front cover image from Insurgentes.   ..
Lunatic Soul
Artist: Lunatic Soul
Format: CD

New to Kscope, self titled Lunatic Soul is the debut solo record from the lead singer and creativ..
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