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Brexit, VAT and other taxes

UK: Burning Shed charges VAT to all UK customers where applicable.
Rest of World: we do not charge VAT or collect sales taxes for any other countries outside the EU and you are liable for any import duty, tariff or handling fee charged by your local customs system.
EU: The way we deal with orders from EU customers has changed from April 4th 2022.
Since January 1st 2021 we have not charged VAT on EU orders and you have paid it when the package arrives with you. Many people have had to pay a fee to the courier or postal company as well.
From April 4th 2022 this has changed as we start using the EU IOSS (IMPORT ONE-STOP SHOP) system.
If the package we are sending you is worth less than €150 (not including shipping fees) we will add the VAT when you place your order. When this package arrives you should not be charged VAT or any other “handling” fee by the delivery company.
The package will have an IOSS logo or our IOSS number on it. This tells the delivery company that the VAT has been paid.
If the package is worth more than €150 (not including shipping fees) we will not charge you VAT and you will pay VAT when it arrives. You will probably have to pay a “handling” or disbursement fee to the delivery company. The amount of this fee is different in each country.
The VAT you pay will depend on the rate in your country, for example 21% in Belgium, 19% in Germany, 17% in Luxembourg and so on.
Sorry this is so complicated!
We will ship your order by post or courier as usual. There will be electronic customs data about what is inside. This will tell the postal or courier service the total cost of each package we send you including shipping.
Please note that any extra import duty, tariff or handling fee charged by your local customs system is your responsibility to pay but if you think you have been charged VAT again or that the handling fee is wrong please contact your local Customs or VAT office.
If you are an EU customer and you buy a download you will continue to be charged the local VAT rate of your country. This will show as a separate item in the checkout.
“What about things I pre-ordered before April 4th 2022 ? Do I have to pay VAT on those?"
If you ordered anything before we put the IOSS system live on April 4th you did not pay VAT.
This means that you will have to pay VAT when your order is delivered even if we do not ship your order until May, June or July.
“I ordered before Brexit happened and I paid UK VAT, will I be charged VAT again?"

You should not have to pay local VAT when your order arrives if you have already paid UK VAT.

If we shipped your order in December 2020 and it is delivered in January 2021 Royal Mail have confirmed that you will not be charged.

We are working with Royal Mail and the UK tax office to find out the best way to ship items that were ordered in 2020 with UK VAT paid (for example, the new Steven Wilson album).
How do I order from Burning Shed?
Ordering from us is simple. First create a new account (a download account from our old store will not work). Then click the "ADD TO CART" or "PRE-ORDER" button of the titles you want. When you've finished adding to your basket go to the "Checkout”.
Remember to carefully check the details you enter for your billing address. You have the option to enter a different shipping address within the same country. We ship worldwide and offer a variety of shipping methods as well as insurance; this is purchased during checkout.
Please double check your billing and delivery addresses are correct. The main reason for non-delivery or slow delivery is an error in the address details - however good your postal service is none of them are psychic...
Check the confirmation email you receive carefully and email [email protected] if anything is wrong with your order or the shipping details. If you do not receive our order confirmation email please email [email protected] and we can re-send it to you.
Is my order secure?
Yes. burningshed.com uses SSL to ensure the protection of your personal data in transit. All payments are processed by external secure servers hosted by Stripe and PayPal. We do not receive or store any payment data or password.
How do I check my order status?
Click here to check your order status. Orders placed on the old website do not appear here yet. We’re working on a way you will be able to search our old database using your email address but it’s not ready quite yet!
I’ve created an account but autofill has messed it up… or What can I do if my browser saves my post/zip code or something else as my username when I create an account?
This is a feature of some browsers. You should clear the saved form for burningshed.com (instructions are here). When you next log in to your account your browser should save the information correctly.
What are your prices in my local currency?
If you have selected your country as United Kingdom, USA, Japan or a member of the European Union, you should see prices in your own currency (£, $, €, ¥). Please note that these prices are an approximate amount based on recent exchange rates. We update these rates every day but your final charge will always be in £GBP, which will be displayed at the checkout.
How much will shipping cost?
All our shipping costs are carefully calculated taking into account the packaging required and the weight of the items ordered. Sometimes shipping costs may appear high, but please appreciate that items such as heavyweight vinyl and box sets are very heavy - even a packaged mug weighs half a kilo - and that there are mail weight limits we have to abide by.
You can see estimated shipping costs by choosing “Estimate Shipping & Taxes” from your Shopping cart. Shipping costs and VAT are confirmed at checkout.
If you are ordering more than one item the shipping rate will automatically be updated. Ordering two or more items in one order sometimes means there’s a saving on shipping against placing individual orders if the overall weight of the package doesn’t exceed mailing limits.
How do you handle Pre-Orders?
Pre-ordered items are always shipped separately as release dates can change. Shipping is calculated for each pre-order being sent separately. Please understand that we can’t combine pre-orders at all - it’s logistically impossible when our sole aim to is ship everything in a timely, safe and accurate manner.
If I pre-order a title, when will I get charged?
All orders and pre-orders are charged at the time the order is placed.
Can I insure my order?
Yes. If you have any concerns about the postal services in your area we do suggest choosing insurance. Doing so can also speed up delivery times!
We very strongly recommend that you insure your order if you live in the following places:
All countries in South America
All countries in Central America
All countries in Africa
Greece (especially Athens)
Russian Federation
United States
We will only be able to provide tracking numbers to customers who have chosen and paid for insurance. This will be sent automatically by email from us or our courier.
How long will my order take to arrive?
Please note that due to COVID-19 and Brexit deliveries are taking a lot longer than usual.

Please allow extra time for your parcel to arrive before contacting us.

If you choose courier service delivery in the UK your order will be sent on a “next day” service. This does not mean it will automatically arrive the day after you place your order. At busy times your order might still take a few days to be processed before shipping. Courier shipments sent on a Friday will be delivered on the following Monday. We do not pack or ship orders on a weekend and public holidays will also affect delivery times.

Courier service: 1 - 2 days UK,  7-10 days for much of Europe; 3 - 21 days for the rest of the world.

Typical delivery times for standard Royal Mail UK and Airmail post:

United Kingdom: 2-3 working days (second class post as standard)
Europe: 7-21 working days
Rest of the World: 1 - 12 weeks (depending on where you live)

These times are based on COVID/Brexit delay times

Experience tells us that deliveries to Central and South America in particular can take 4-12 weeks or more. It all depends on the local postal service in your area.

Larger parcels or odd shapes like poster tubes will take longer than a small package like a CD.

There are weight restrictions with Airmail so heavy orders may be split into several packages. Royal Mail pass Airmail packages on to your local national postal service for delivery.

If an order is returned to us marked "unclaimed", "refused", "unknown" or "insufficient address" we reserve the right to charge to re-ship the order to you.

Non-UK Customers: even if you didn’t pay for insurance, please contact your local post office to see if they are holding the parcel for you - sometimes the postmen forget to leave cards. Most items that customers believe are “lost” are later returned to us as "unclaimed" by the local postal service. Very, very few orders actually go missing never to be seen again!

UK Customers: If you haven’t received your order after 4 working days please contact your local sorting office as the postman was probably unable to deliver and they may be holding it for you. Not every postman leaves a card. The Royal Mail ‘Recorded Delivery’ number only shows when the package has been shipped and when it has been delivered. Sadly it does not show anything in-between.
What should I do if my order goes missing?
If your order hasn't arrived internationally 28 days after we posted it and you’ve followed all the guidelines above, please email [email protected].
If it hasn’t arrived after 15 days in the UK and you’ve checked with your sorting office please email [email protected].
What should I do if my order arrives damaged?
For vinyl and CD/DVD orders we use our own bespoke cardboard mailers which are incredibly strong. However, despite our best efforts, sometimes items will arrive damaged. We are always happy to replace paper parts or discs that are broken or torn. If this rare occurrence happens with part of your order please email [email protected] with a small JPG image of the damaged article for our records (no files over 1MB). In some instances we will ask you to return it to us but please don't do this until you have had a reply letting you know what we're doing about it.
For environmental reasons we cannot post a standard jewel case if it arrives with a crack in it - these are readily available in many stores for pennies.
If you are placing another order with us please let us know when you write as we can send your replacement parts with your new order.
How do I order downloads?
You can order downloads like any other item on our store, once the order is placed and paid you’ll find your downloads in your Account under ‘Downloads’ (https://burningshed.com/account/download). 
All downloads IP addresses are monitored for security reasons.
Please download one file at a time and refresh the page between each download.
How can I find help with adjusting my Blu-Ray and DVD-Audio disc settings?
The information found on http://www.opusproductions.com/disc/setup.html should provide the answers you need to optimise your player set-up.
How do I unsubscribe from the Burning Shed mailing list?
Once you’re logged in, from your account go to Newsletter. You control which newsletters you are subscribed to here.
Demo Policy
Burning Shed is happy to receive both physical and download link demos. No emails with attachments can be accepted.
We’re sorry but due to time constraints and the high volume of material we're sent, we cannot offer a personal response / critique, except in the cases of the artists whose work we'd like to promote through the site.
Promo Policy
Burning Shed mainly works on behalf of other bands and labels and does not carry promotional copies of cds, dvds. vinyl etc.
The exceptions to this are the releases on the Burning Shed label. You’ll need to contact the appropriate label or band direct for press promos.
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Any other questions
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