Format: Vinyl
Artist: XTC
CatNo: APELPX110
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XTC Nonsuch Double vinyl Andy Partridge Ape
Nonsuch is the ninth in a series of XTC classics to be issued on 200g vinyl.
The album has been mastered by Jason Mitchell at Loud Mastering with input from Andy Partridge and is fully approved by XTC.
One of XTC's most sophisticated and mature works, 1992's Nonsuch was the last of the band's albums for Virgin Records (and was followed by a decade of silence). The album was only on vinyl for a short period towards the end of the first vinyl era and was, as a result, never available as a decent quality pressing. It was also poorly presented in a single sleeve.
On this 2020 version, the sleeve has been restored to its original quality with the gold coloured overlay - and expanded to a gatefold to accommodate both the weight of the vinyl and the inclusion of song lyrics.
Side One 
1 The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead  

2 My Bird Performs 

3 Dear Madam Barnum 

4 Humble Daisy 

5 The Smartest Monkeys 

Side Two
1 The Disappointed 

2 Holly Up On Poppy 

3 Crocodile 

4 Rook

Side Three 
1 Omnibus 

2 That Wave 

3 Then She Appeared 

4 War Dance 
Side Four
1 Wrapped In Grey 
2 The Ugly Underneath 
3 Bungalow 
4 Books Are Burning
Original Stereo Album mix