Format: CD
Artist: Node
CatNo: DIN78
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Node Singularity CD Flood
A remaster of the legendary “lost” Node album.
Recorded in 1994, this features DiN stalwart Dave Bessell alongside Ed Buller and Flood and original member Gary Stout (who was later replaced by Mel Wesson for the two DiN releases).
The music is a snapshot in time when Node were first powering up their huge banks of vintage modulars and sequencers to create a tapestry of electronic sound. At times raw and almost out of control and at others delicate and ethereal, this quartet of fabled musicians create atmospheres and soundscapes like no other. A rare treat for aficionados of the Berlin school style of electronic music.
Limited CD edition in digipak with an 8-page booklet (1000 copies globally).
When synth supergroup Node first surfaced with their eponymous album in 1995 they, more than anyone else, nailed “that sound and vibe”, which had become the obsession of so many others. They seemed to encapsulate the very essence of the early German electronic music pioneers such as Tangerine Dream but with production values to die for courtesy of Node founder members Ed Buller and Flood, who were of course internationally renowned producers in their own right. But it was another 19 years before their follow up album appeared on DiN as “Node 2”, to be closely followed (by Node standards), with their live concert album performed at the Royal College of Music, London.
Up to that point that was the total canon of their work except for the EP “Terminus” (featured here as a bonus track) recorded at their infamous Paddington Station gig. Surely they must have more material hidden away in their vaults and indeed this is exactly what the album “Singularity” is, the legendary “lost” Node album. 
01 Fast Forward 10:29
02 Continental Drift 07:06
03 Parallax 13:20
04 The Kraken 14:21
05 Cycles 05:19
06 Terminus 16:16
Total Time : 67:00