Format: CD
Artist: Crispy Ambulance
CatNo: FBN18CD
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Crispy_Ambulance Fin_Frozen_Blood 2CD
A double disc anthology of singles, radio sessions and live tracks by the adventurous cult Manchester group Crispy Ambulance.
Disc 1 is forceful live album Fin, comprising live performances mix-desk recorded around Europe and the UK during the winter of 1981-1982. Most of this material was never recorded in the studio and captures the band at their most raw and hypnotic. The CD closes with three bonus studio tracks, including both sides of the debut 7” single on Aural Assault Records from 1980, as well as Black Death, the b-side of 1982 single Sexus on Factory Benelux.
Disc 2 is archive collection Frozen Blood, which includes both sides of the 10” single released on Factory Records in 1980, all 8 tracks from radio sessions recorded for Piccadilly Radio (July 1980) and John Peel (January 1981), plus 7 more live songs taped in 1982 but never studio recorded at the time.
All 32 tracks have been transferred from the original analogue session tapes. 
Cover portrait by Harry Papadopoulos. Updated liner notes by James Nice.
1. Rainforest Ritual
2. United
3. Choral
4. Green Light/White Shirt (Deaf)
5. Brutal
6. The Plateau Phase
7. Nightfall Ends the Ceasefire
8. Bardo Plane
9. At the Sounding of the Klaxon
10. Chill
11. I Talking/You Talking Pts. 1+ 2
12. Lucifer Rising
13. Black Death (Life is Knife) (12”)
14. From the Cradle to the Grave (7”)
15. Four Minutes From the Frontline (7”)
1. Not What I Expected (10”)
2. Deaf (10”)
3. Come On (Peel session)
4. Drug User/Drug Pusher (Peel session)
5. October 31st (Peel session)
6. Egypt (Peel session)
7. A Sense of Reason (Piccadilly session)
8. The Eastern Bloc (Piccadilly session)
9. Concorde Square (Piccadilly session)
10. The Presence (Piccadilly session)
11. Headhunters
12. Frozen Blood
13. Turnbuckle
14. The Gift of Danger
15. Hollow Points
16. The Grind
17. Cult