Format: CD
Artist: Surprize
CatNo: FBN26CD
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Surprize In Movimento CD
Factory Benelux presents In Movimento, a mini-album by Italian funk group Surprize, originally released by Factory Benelux in April 1984.
Formed in Bologna in 1980, Surprize issued two singles in Italy (Nu-Clear Dance and The Secret Lies In Rhythm) before supporting New Order on tour, and joining Factory Benelux in 1983. That same year the sextet travelled to Manchester to record mini-album In Movimento at Revolution Studios, produced by Bernard Sumner (New Order) and Donald Johnson (A Certain Ratio). Surprize also played shows with New York hipsters Konk; three members later formed Slava Trudu!!, a conceptual art project produced by Yello.
This 2013 remaster also includes all six tracks from their early Italian singles.
The CD booklet contains archive images and a short essay by guitarist Luca Patini. Cover art by Igort.
1. In Movimento
2. Parador Style
3. Over Italia
4. Stavolta
5. Leaves Me Blind
6. Don't Want Be Easier
7. I Feel I Fall
8. Dark Days
9. Nu-Clear Dancer
10. Empty House