Continuum was a collaboration between Steven Wilson and Dirk Serries (VidnaObmana, Fear Falls Burning) that resulted in two releases, Continuum I (2005) and Continuum II (2007), originally issued by US label Soleilmoon in limited editions that sold out almost instantly.  The project was motivated by their immense passion for a wide-range of musical styles, ranging from spacious ambience to pounding doom metal.
On 10th June 2016 both albums of their collaborative ambient and drone music project became available on ToneFloat as 2CD box sets, each in an expanded edition complete with the previously vinyl only The Continuum Recyclings albums which followed the original albums. The expanded 2CD edition of Continuum II comes in a deluxe edition cardboard box with exclusive 15inch poster.  The second CD contains the Continuum Recyclings Volume Two which was remixed by Justin Broadrick (Godflesh, Jesu, Final) using source material from the album, and originally released in 2010 on Tonefloat as a double vinyl LP.
Continuum II is the more “doom metal” orientated of the two albums (although it also includes ambient sections).
Continuum II
1. Construct IV 22:54
2. Construct V 17:28
3. Construct VI 18:31
The Continuum Recyclings, Volume II
1. I 17:54
2. II 18:54
3. III 21:52
4. IV 15:42