Format: CD
Artist: Gentle Giant
CatNo: ALUGG042_SW
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Gentle Giant The Power And The Glory 2014 cd
Following the masterful In A Glass House and preceding the band's commercial apex Freehand, The Power And The Glory is a gem amongst gems, mixing Gentle Giant's restless energy and invention, with beautiful melodies and potent (complex) Rock riffage.
This digipak cd edition features the 2014 stereo mixes by Steven Wilson, plus two bonus tracks.
2014 Steven Wilson Stereo Mix:
1. Proclamation (6:48) 
2. So Sincere (3:52) 
3. Aspirations (4:41) 
4. Playing the Game (6:46) 
5. Cogs in Cogs (3:08) 
6. No God's a Man (4:28) 
7. The Face (4:12) 
8. Valedictory (3:21) 
Bonus Tracks:
9. The Power And The Glory 
10. Aspirations
- Gary Green / guitars 
- Kerry Minnear / keyboards, cello, vocals 
- Derek Shulman / vocals, saxes 
- Ray Shulman / bass, violin, vocals 
- John Weathers / drums, percussion, vocals