Format: Vinyl
Artist: Crybaby
CatNo: HeLP041
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Crybaby Crybaby Vinyl

Named after the truly seminal soul song by Garnett Mimms and the Enchanters (later famously covered by Janis Joplin), Crybaby is the alias of Bristol singer/songwriter Danny Coughlan.

The ten songs which make up his self-titled debut album are beautifully crafted and imbued with a sparse, timeless clarity. Like the early rock ‘n’ roll, R‘n’B and soul records that provided influence, their simplicity is their essence. Neither a note nor a word is wasted.


1. I Cherish The Heartbreak More Than The Love That I Lost
2. We’re Supposed To Be In Love
3. When The Lights Go Out
4. Armies Of Darkness
5. This Time It’s Over
6. Shame
7. Twist Of The Knife
8. Veils
9. A Misery Of Love
10. What Am I Supposed To Do Without You Now?