Format: Vinyl
Artist: Ed Wynne
CatNo: KSCOPE1176
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Ed Wynne Tumbling Through The Floativerse Vinyl Kscope
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Ed Wynne's 2022 solo album Tumbling Through The Floativerse sees Ed teaming up with Gre Vanderloo (Gracerooms).
“I’ve always enjoyed the synth orientated musical worlds he creates with his project Gracerooms,” says Ed of his new collaborator. “Shortly before lockdown 2020, whilst making the early stages of the recent Ozric Tentacles album Space for the Earth, we decided to try and make some tunes together. Gre came over from Holland where he lives, to the Blue Bubble Studio here in Fife and we started recording pretty much straight away. We ended up with about six definite starting points, which then developed and unfolded into a harmonic realm we referred to as ‘The Floativerse’… A place where you might escape gravity for a moment”
Featuring guest appearances from Gracerooms bassist, Paul Klaessen and longterm Ozrics synth player Silas Neptune, the album was recorded at Ozrics head quarters; Blue Bubble Studios, engineered and produced by Ed Wynne and mastered by Adam Goodlet. 
The mind-bending artwork comes courtesy of Valerie Fangman.
Black vinyl edition.
1. Oilyvoice
2. Seen The Sun
3. Magnetophoria
1. Floating Plates
2. Infinity Curtains
3. Starseeds