Format: CD-R
Artist: Os
CatNo: BS_124_CD-r
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os cd-r

At last a proper CD release for the work of's favourite and spikiest son. Comprising the best of Os's work over the last decade, this set moves from Eno-esque Ambient Minimalism to post-Orb Trance and sampladelic mayhem with ease and aplomb.

1. star destroyer (jabba dub)  (6:42)
2. scarlet sandwich (7:06)
3. sparkling (9:21)
4. curved (9:53)
5. peterlp1 (12:45)
6. bear loop (23:16)
All tracks written and produced by Os except:
1, 6: Os/Michael Bearpark
5:     Os/Peter Chilvers
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Photography by Os
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