Format: CD/DVD
Artist: Marvin Ayres
CatNo: bshed0111
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Harmogram Suite Marvin Ayres Surround CD DVD
Marvin Ayres' 'Harmogram Suite' is a six movement composition for cello, string orchestra and choir.
An accessible and compelling hybrid of contemporary Classical and Ambient music, Ayres' work distinctively evokes the Holy Minimalist purity of Arvo Part and the timeless textural experimentation of Brian Eno.
A two-disc cd/dvd package, the dvd features a 5.1 surround-sound mix.
"Harmogram Suite powerfully argues that Marvin Ayres' string playing is one of the loveliest things one might possibly hear, and it's especially ravishing when presented in multi-layered form. And multi-layered it definitely is, as this six-movement classical work involved the overdubbing of 140 layers, with every instrument and part played by Ayres except for a choir that appears during the fifth movement. The title isn't arbitrarily chosen, either: as one might expect, Harmogram Suite is a hybrid term that merges harmonics and harmony with hologram, and the orchestral work very much embodies the multi-dimensional character of the standard hologram, albeit in sonic form. Presented in a two-disc CD-and-DVD package, the work was recorded in a 5.1 surround-sound format that's consistent with the holographic concept. Rather than hearing the material as if it's coming towards the listener, he/she instead feels enveloped by it, especially when Ayres' playing is heard in its fullest orchestral form." - Textura
1. Movement One - Underture (8:11)
2. Movement Two (8:47)
3. Movement Three (6:26) 
4. Movement Four (7:47)
5. Movement Five (6:09)
6. Lament (4:09)