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Sorry For Laughing
Artist: Josef K
Format: Vinyl/CD

The first official vinyl release of Sorry For Laughing, the legendary debut by cult Scottish..
Artist: Lowlife
Format: CD

LTM presents a remastered 2022 edition of Diminuendo, the second album by cult Scottish cold wave..
Guessing the Way V2.0
Artist: Tunnelvision
Format: CD

Guessing the Way is an archive live collection from Factory Records group Tunnelvision, best know..
The Key of Dreams
Artist: Section 25
Format: CD

An expanded edition of The Key of Dreams, the second studio album by Section 25, first released b..
Futurism & Dada Reviewed
Artist: Various Artists
Format: CD

Futurism & Dada Reviewed is a popular primer CD compiling archive sound recordings made by le..
English Black Boys
Artist: X-O-DUS
Format: CD

Talent-spotted by Joy Division manager Rob Gretton, Manchester reggae band X-O-Dus is b..
Backdoor Possibilities
Artist: Birth Control
Format: Vinyl

Birth Control's surreal concept work from 1976 recorded by legendary producer Conny Plank. &n..
Some Marvels of Modern Science (+ Singles)
Artist: The Diagram Brothers
Format: CD

An extended CD containing of the collected works of The Diagram Brothers, the cult Mancheste..
Circuses And Bread
Artist: The Durutti Column
Format: CD

Circuses & Bread is the fifth studio album by The Durutti Column. Originally released by Fact..
Artist: The Durutti Column
Format: CD

Fidelity was originally released by Les Disques du Crépuscule in April 1996 and features ten trac..
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