Format: CD
Artist: The Pretty Things
CatNo: SMACD830
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The_Pretty_Things Freeway_Madness CD
1972’s Freeway Madness was the sixth Pretty Things’ album, recorded without founding member Dick Taylor and long-term bassist Wally Waller. 
The album was the first for Warner Bros. and marked a change in direction sonically with Waller on production duties. In retrospect, this feels like the first part of a musical trilogy along with Silk Torpedo and Savage Eye. Phil May and Pete Tolson team up to do most of the writing, with lush harmonies aplenty and an overall more American radio-friendly sound.
Remastered CD edition with four bonus tracks.
1. Love Is Good [6:53] 
2. Havana Bound [3:57] 
3. Peter [1:27] 
4. Rip Off Train [3:18] 
5. Over The Moon [4:31] 
6. Religion's Dead [4:14] 
7. Country Road [4:48] 
8. Allnight Sailor [1:57] 
9. Onion Soup [3:49] 
10. Another Bowl? [2:54] 
Bonus Tracks 
11. Religion's Dead (live at The Lyceum, 1973) [4:48] 
12. Havana Bound (live at The Lyceum, 1973) [4:20] 
13. Love Is Good (live at The Lyceum, 1973) [06:43] 
14. Onion Soup (live at The Lyceum, 1973) [8:28]