Format: CD
Artist: The Pretty Things
CatNo: SMACD839
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The_Pretty_Things Rage_Before_Beauty CD Madfish Remaster
Rage Before Beauty was The Pretty Things' first album in 19 years and the summation of a near two decade relationship with newfound manager and producer Mark St. John.
More than an hour in length, the album unveiled some of the band's strongest material in decades. Phil May, singing with a new-found resonance, bares his soul on Love Keeps Hangin. Ronnie Spector also makes a memorable guest appearance alongside Phil on Mony, Mony. 
An album overloaded with riches.
Remastered CD edition.


1. Passion Of Love [3:22] 
2. Vivian Prince [5:15] 
3. Everlasting Flame [3:46] 
4. Love Keeps Hanging On [8:55] 
5. Eve Of Destruction [3:03] 
6. Not Givin' In [4:02] 
7. Pure Cold Stone [5:47] 
8. Blue Turns To Red [4:01] 
9. Goodbye, Goodbye [2:45] 
10. Goin' Downhill [4:12] 
1. Play With Fire [4:07] 
12. Fly Away [4:31] 
13. Mony Mony [4:45] 
14. God Give Me The Strength (To Carry On) [6:03]