Format: CD
Artist: The Pretty Things
CatNo: SMACD845
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The_Pretty_Things The_Sweet_Pretty_Things CD Madfish Remaster
Containing a thundering set of songs, The Pretty Things’ penultimate release - from 2015 - was the first studio album in 7 years and involved a recording process as true as possible to their live sound and roots.
Recorded entirely on analogue tape with a Trident Series 80 mixing console, the recordings feature a vintage sound in line with the band's earlier works. 
The album takes it’s title from the opening line of Bob Dylan’s ‘Tombstone Blues’ and is the first album by Phil May and Dick Taylor with their then touring bassist George Woosey and drummer Jack Greenwood.
Remastered CD edition.
1. The Same Sun [3:23] 
2. And I Do [3:34] 
3. Renaissance Fair [1:54] 
4. You Took Me By Surprise [2:35] 
5. Turn My Head [3:43] 
6. Dark Days [4:42] 
7. Greenwood Tree [4:18] 
8. Hell, Here And Nowhere [4:56] 
9. In The Soukh [2:32] 
10. Dirty Song [5:12]