Format: CD
Artist: The Pretty Things
CatNo: SMACD837
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The_Pretty_Things Savage_Eye CD Madfish Remaster
By the time the Pretty Things began work on their second album for Led Zeppelin's Swan Song a growing darkness had crept into the band, but the most powerful art often feeds on darkness, and that was the case with the best songs on Savage Eye (1976). ‘
Remastered CD edition with six bonus tracks.


1. Under The Volcano [6:02] 
2. My Song [5:09] 
3. Sad Eye [4:29] 
4. Remember That Boy [5:02] 
5. It Isn't Rock 'n' Roll [3:58] 
6. I'm Keeping [3:58] 
7. It's Been So Long [5:04] 
8. Drowned Man [4:23] 
9. Theme For Michelle [1:46] 
Bonus Tracks 
10. Tonight (single) [3:06] 
11. Love Me A Little (demo) [3:11] 
12. Dance All Night (demo) [2:54] 
13. It Isn't Rock 'N' Roll (Single Version) [3:17] 
14. Sad Eye (Edited Album Version) [3:41] 
15. It Isn't Rock 'N' Roll (Mono Version) [3:18]