Format: CD
Artist: Moon Safari
CatNo: BRCD003
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Moon_Safari Lovers_End CD

Lover's End (2010) juxtaposes the story of a painful breakup with themes of nascent love, illustrating and accentuating emotions commonly associated with the stages before, during, and after a romantic relationship. 

Mixed by Kjell Nästén.

CD in jewel case.

1. Lover's End Pt. 1 06:42
2. A Kid Called Panic 13:57
3. Southern Belle 03:46
4. The World's Best Dreamers 05:47
5. New York City Summergirl 04:08
6. Heartland 05:46
7. Crossed The Rubicon 09:45
8. Lover's End Pt. 2 01:56