Format: CD
Artist: Peter Hammill
CatNo: Fie9136
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Consequences Peter Hammill CD
'Consequences' is Peter Hammill's thirtieth solo studio album of original songs and includes ten new pieces.
Sometimes the pieces stray into the territory of the short story or screenplay and a strong narrative thread runs through the heart of each piece. 
The instrumentation revolves around electric guitars, pianos and sparse percussion, while the occasional addition of instrumental textures enhances the album's unique 'sonic picture'.
The album is written, performed, sung and recorded entirely solo by PH.
1. Eat my Words, Bite my Tongue (5:30)
2. That Wasn't What I Said (5:21)
3. Constantly Overheard (4:19)
4. New Pen-pal (4:08)
5. Close to Me (4:10)
6. All the Tiredness (5:56)
7. Perfect Pose (7:05)
8. Scissors (5:23)
9. Bravest Face (4:45)
10. A Run of Luck (3:54)