Saro Cosentino's magnificent 2022 follow-up to 1997's acclaimed Ones And Zeros features Peter HammillTim Bowness and Karen Eden on vocals, and instrumental contributions from Gavin HarrisonJohn GiblinTrey GunnDavid Rhodes, Nicola Alesini and more.

CD in digipak.

01 You are the Story
02 The Joke
03 Prey
04 November
05 Us (scars on skin)
06 Time to go
07 Howl
08 When My Parents Danced
Peter Hammill - vox and guitars
Tim Bowness - vox and backing vocals
Karen Eden - vox
Dorota Barova - Cello and vocals
Gavin Harrison- drums
John Giblin - bass
David Rhodes - guitar
Trey Gunn- warr guitar
Nicola Alesini - sax
Radim Knapp - trumpet
S.C. - guitars , keys , bass, strings -, piano, orchestral arrangement, programming ,sound design.
Recorded@ London-Bath- Bradford on Avon- Los Angeles- Seattle- Prague
Mixed by Patrick Phillips @ real world studios - Uk
Mastered @ cat sound Prague by SC