Format: Vinyl
Artist: Roxy Music
CatNo: RMLP5
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Roxy Music Siren Half Speed Master Vinyl Bryan Ferry
Roxy Music's fifth studio album Siren contained two of the band’s greatest singles, Love Is The Drug and Both Ends Burning. 
2022 re-Issue with a fresh half-speed master by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios. London. 
The artwork now features a gloss laminated finish. Not just a record, but a piece of art.
1 Love Is The Drug 4:05
2 End Of The Line 5:14
3 Sentimental Fool 6:11
4 Whirlwind 3:34
1 She Sells 3:45
2 Could It Happen To Me? 3:37
3 Both Ends Burning 5:12
4 Nightingale 4:05
5 Just Another High 6:28