Format: Vinyl
Artist: PictureHouse
CatNo: PLG054
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PictureHouse How Can I Explain limited edition vinyl
How Can I Explain How This Came To Be? is a compilation of favourites by PictureHouse, one of Ireland’s best-loved bands.
Spanning the period surrounding the band's first two albums, the album is being released as a limited edition of just 300 vinyl copies, of which the first 100 are signed. 
Having freed themselves from one record label in 1995 and eventually signing with a major label for its first two albums, the band became live favourites around Europe, supporting the likes of Meatloaf, The Corrs, Runrig, Bon Jovi, and The Saw Doctors, as well as performing at countless festivals. The band's policy of playing anywhere to anyone meant PictureHouse played in front of a million people in 1998 alone. The first two albums went top 10 in Ireland, and Sunburst became the most played song on Irish radio, as well as being used on a national TV ad and in the soundtrack to a film.
How Can I Explain How This Came To Be? - the first line from the band's first single, which was also the first track on the first album and track one of this rcompilation - is available on 180g vinyl, with an accompanying CD which includes the entire album plus four bonus tracks.
Side 1
1. Somebody Somewhere 3:51
2. Fear Of Flying 4:36
3. You And I 4:34
4. Built To Last 4:46
5. Moments Like These 2:42
6. 15th Time 5:30
Side 2
1. Jade (Dangerous Stone) 4:00
2. Raining Stones 4:33
3. Cup Of Life 4:05
4. Roll Over 4:03
5. Got To Let You Go 4:21
6. Sunburst 3:28
1. Somebody Somewhere 
2. Fear Of Flying 
3. You And I
4. Built To Last 
5. Moments Like These
6. 15th Time 
7. Jade (Dangerous Stone) 
8. Raining Stones
9. Cup Of Life 
10. Roll Over
11. Got To Let You Go
12. Sunburst
Bonus Tracks:
13. All The Time In The World
14. The World And His Dog
15. Love In The Streets
16. Heavenly Day