Format: Vinyl
Artist: Lorenzo Feliciati
CatNo: RNR050LP
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Lorenzo Feliciati Koi vinyl

A concept album based on the life of the fish, Koi is Lorenzo Feliciati's most ambitious and personal project to date.

The album features former Japan drummer Steve Jansen and current King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto along with pianist Alessandro Gwis, trumpeter Angelo Olivieri, saxophonist Nicola Alesini and a horn section consisting of tenor saxophonist Stan Adams, baritone saxophonist Duilio Ingrosso and bass trombonist Pierluigi Bastioli.
A suite-like offering that intersperses mesmerising ambient interludes with full-blown prog-rock energy, Koi showcases Feliciati's compositional vision while highlighting his considerable ability on fretted and fretless electric basses.
180g vinyl version.
Please note, this final copy has creases to the back of the sleeve. Sold as seen, no returns.


1. Kohaku
2. New House
3. Kumonryu
4. Oxbow
5. Black Kumonryu
6. Noir Alley Verdigris
7. Ogon
8. Narada
1. Margata
2. Kuchibeni
3. Fish Bowl
4. Koi