'Winter Garden' is the first collaboration between renowned Italian musician and producer Eraldo Bernocchi, ambient pianist and musical icon Harold Budd and producer/guitarist Robin Guthrie, founder of Cocteau Twins and Violet Indiana. 
Eraldo Bernocchi had previously produced, arranged and played on Harold Budd's Fragments From The Inside, while Harold Budd and Robin Guthrie have been working together since the 1980s collaborating on 'Lovely Thunder', 'The Moon and The Melodies', 'The White Arcades', the soundtrack to 'Mysterious Skin' and more.
Recorded in Tuscany in 2010 and produced in Tuscany and in the south of France in 2011, 'Winter Garden' is awash with Budd's minimal piano, Guthrie's guitar drones and and gentle electronic pulses. 
A beautiful snapshot of a unique, ongoing collaboration.
1. Don't Go Where I Can't Find You (4:54)
2. Losing My Breath (4:04)
3. Winter Garden (4:46)
4. Entangled (4:19)
5. Harmony And The Play Of Light (5:34)
6. Heavy Heart Some More (4:46)
7. White Ceramic (3:01)
8. Stay With Me (5:20)
9. South Of Heaven (6:45)
10. Dream On (3:54)