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Magic: The David Paton Story (Signed)
Artist: David Paton
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 25-11-2022
David Paton first gained recognition as the lead singer and writer of the group Pilot and we..
Status Quo in the 1980s
Artist: Greg Harper
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 28-10-2022
Status Quo in the 1980s examines Quo’s music at its most vulnerable and experimental, during..
Misty: The Music of Johnny Mathis
Artist: Jacob Baekgaard, Johnny Mathis
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 28-10-2022
Featuring a foreword by Johnny Mathis. Authorised by Mathis and including fresh insights from..
Tears For Fears On Track
Artist: Paul Clark
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 28-10-2022
Roland Orzabal and Curt Smith quickly transformed from introspective studio obsessives with The H..
Van Morrison in the 1970s
Artist: Peter Childs
Format: Book/Magazine

After the singularity of Astral Weeks in 1968, the 1970s were the formative years for the solo ca..
Kiss in the 1970s
Artist: Peter Gallagher
Format: Book/Magazine

This is a journey through Kiss’s most eventful decade. It is the story of the four men behind the..
Pink Floyd On Track
Artist: Richard Butterworth
Format: Book/Magazine

With insightful analysis and witty objectivity, Richard Butterworth appraises afresh Pink Floyd's..
Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds On Track
Artist: Dominic Sanderson
Format: Book/Magazine

Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds On Track delves into the music and lyrics of every track in The Bad S..
Brian Eno in the 1970s
Artist: Gary Parsons
Format: Book/Magazine

Brian Eno is arguably one of the most influential musicians working in rock music. Starting out a..
Creedence Clearwater Revival On Track
Artist: Tony Thompson
Format: Book/Magazine

A track-by-track analysis of all CCR’s recorded output, in which Tony Thompson rolls up the sleev..
The Human League and the Sheffield electro scene On Track
Artist: Andrew Darlington
Format: Book/Magazine

Sheffield in the late-1970s was isolated from what was happening in London in the same way that L..
Captain Beefheart On Track
Artist: Opher Goodwin
Format: Book/Magazine

A series of hugely inventive albums, including the infamous Trout Mask Replica, and some legendar..
Stackridge On Track
Artist: Alan Draper
Format: Book/Magazine

Alan Draper traces the ever-diverging and re-emerging paths of the core four Stackridge songwrite..
Donovan in the 1960s
Artist: Jeff Fitzgerald
Format: Book/Magazine

Donovan is one of the musicians who defined the 1960s. The troubadour of the flower power generat..
Tool On Track
Artist: Matt Karpe
Format: Book/Magazine

Tool On Track documents all of the band’s studio releases, from the raw and unapologetic 1991 dem..
Rancid On Track
Artist: Paul Matts
Format: Book/Magazine

Rancid On Track describes the band's nine studio albums, track by track, and covers compilations,..
Suzi Quatro in the 1970s
Artist: Darren Johnson
Format: Book/Magazine

‘If you talk about the 1970s, I was a hardworking artist. I did nothing but tour - recording, tou..
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