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Phil Collins in the 1980s
Artist: Andrew Wild
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 17-06-2022
Phil Collins was everywhere in the 1980s. He had more top forty singles in the US than any other ..
Jimi Hendrix On Track
Artist: Emma Stott
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 27-05-2022
Jimi Hendrix On Track explores Hendrix's entire output, showcasing what made Hendrix not only a g..
Billy Joel On Track
Artist: Lisa Torem
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 27-05-2022
Billy Joel On Track contains behind-the-scenes stories and an analysis of Joel’s extensive and ma..
Roxy Music in the 1970s
Artist: Dave Thompson
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 03-06-2022
Roxy Music In The 1970s provides a superb insight into one of the most exciting and ambitious ban..
Laura Nyro On Track
Artist: Philip Ward
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 27-05-2022
Laura Nyro On Track examines Nyro's entire studio career from 1967’s More than a New Discovery to..
Fish On Track
Artist: Graeme Scarfe
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 27-05-2022
Fish On Track charts the solo career of an artist who has never done what was expected of him.&nb..
Eric Clapton Sessions
Artist: Andrew Wild
Format: Book/Magazine

Since 1963, Eric Clapton has contributed to two hundred albums by other artists, from the very fa..
Badfinger On Track
Artist: Robert Day-Webb
Format: Book/Magazine

Generally regarded as one of the most tragic tales in the history of rock music, the story of Bad..
Warren Zevon On Track
Artist: Peter Gallagher
Format: Book/Magazine

Bruce Springsteen called him ‘one of the great, great American songwriters’, Jackson Browne haile..
Free and Bad Company in the 1970s
Artist: John Van der Kiste
Format: Book/Magazine

This book thoroughly examines the work and career of Free and Bad Company from 1968 to 1980, plus..
Artist: Peter Richard Adams and Matt Pooler
Format: Book/Magazine

Britpop covers the ten-years that witnessed the birth, boom and bust of Britpop – a period in whi..
George Harrison in the 1970s
Artist: Eoghan Lyng
Format: Book/Magazine

An essential guide to George Harrison’s fascinating immediate post-Beatles career.   ..
Motörhead On Track
Artist: Duncan Harris
Format: Book/Magazine

A perfect companion to the recorded output of a unique band, Duncan Harris’s Motorhead On Track c..
Black Sabbath in the 1970s
Artist: Chris Sutton
Format: Book/Magazine

A comprehensive roundup of Black Sabbath's music and career through the 1970s. All of the band's ..
The Kinks On Track
Artist: Martin Hutchinson
Format: Book/Magazine

An engaging book examining every track released by The Kinks that provides a valuable insight int..
Blue Öyster Cult On Track (Revised)
Artist: Jacob Holm-Lupo
Format: Book/Magazine

Sonicbond’s On Track series offers a song by song analysis of the work of major Rock ba..
The Golden Road - The Recorded History Of The Grateful Dead
Artist: John Kilbride
Format: Book/Magazine

Over its 30-year career as one of the most influential and successful bands in the world, The Gra..
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