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Yes On Track
Artist: Stephen Lambe
Format: book/magazine

Sonicbond’s On Track series offers a song by song analysis of the work of major Rock bands. &..
Iggy and The Stooges On Stage 1967 to 1974
Artist: Per Nilsen
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 09-04-2021
Iggy and The Stooges On Stage 1967 to 1974 explores, in depth, all the concerts the Stooges playe..
Alice Cooper In The 1970s
Artist: Chris Sutton
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 26-03-2021
In Alice Cooper In The 1970s, Chris Sutton, explores the story of Alice Cooper the band and the s..
Uriah Heep In The 1970s
Artist: Steve Pilkington
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 26-03-2021
Uriah Heep In The 1970s offers a year-by-year journey through the band’s career during its defini..
Gong On Track
Artist: Kevan Furbank
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 12-03-2021
In Gong On Track, Kevan Furbank examines all the Gong albums from Magick Brother in 1970 to 2019s..
Aimee Mann On Track
Artist: Jez Rowden
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 12-03-2021
In Aimee Mann On Track, Jez Rowden provides an overview of Aimee Mann’s career from her earliest ..
UFO On Track
Artist: Richard James
Format: book/magazine

In UFO On Track, Richard James examines each of UFO’s 23 studio albums, and, of course, the live ..
David Cronenberg On Screen
Artist: Patrick Chapman
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 26-02-2021
David Cronenberg On Screen presents a thorough analysis of Cronenberg's extraordinary career, fro..
Level 42 On Track
Artist: Matt Phillips
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 26-03-2021
Matt Phillips’ Level 42 On Track is the first in-depth study of Level 42’s catalogue.  &..
Renaissance On Track
Artist: David Detmer
Format: book/magazine

Renaissance On Track, the first ever book published on the legendary Renaissance, assesses the ba..
Dire Straits On Track
Artist: Andrew Wild
Format: book/magazine

Dire Straits On Track revisits, re-evaluates and contextualises the entire recorded output of one..
Joni Mitchell On Track
Artist: Peter Kearns
Format: book/magazine

Peter Kearns’ comprehensive book examines Joni Mitchell's magnificient studio output in..
Kate Bush On Track
Artist: Bill Thomas
Format: book/magazine

A comprehensive guide to the extraordinary music of Kate Bush, Bill Thomas’s book examines KB's e..
Andrew Darlington’s For Your Radioactive Children is essential reading for anyone with an interes..
Van der Graaf Generator On Track
Artist: Dan Coffey
Format: book/magazine

Dan Coffey’s Van Der Graaf Generator On Track offers a comprehensive song by song, album by ..
Steve Hackett On Track
Artist: Geoffrey Feakes
Format: book/magazine

A Burning Shed hardback exclusive, limited to 250 copies (signed by author Geoffrey Feakes)...
U2 On Track
Artist: Eoghan Lyng
Format: book/magazine

In U2 On Track, Eoghan Lyng offers an album by album analysis of one of the most successful bands..
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