Format: Vinyl
Artist: Porcupine Tree
2021 Transmission label reissue of Fear Of A Blank Planet (Porcupine Tree's ninth studio release), an ambitious 50 minute concept album based on the Bret Easton Ellis novel Lunar Park.
With lyrics that addressed an adolescent protagonist battling his bipolar and attention-deficit disorders with a regimen of prescription drugs and internet overstimulation, the music utilised sprawling vocal melodies, atmospheric guitars and drums that tumbled through chaotic passages to echo the main character's manic-depressive states. 
Robert Fripp and Alex Lifeson guest.
“An aggressively modern merger of Rush’s arena art rock, U.K. prog classicism —especially Pink Floyd and King Crimson — and the post-grunge vengeance of Tool.” - Rolling Stone
“A dramatic, wide-screen, expertly executed, genuinely thrilling rock record.” - Q Magazine
Double 140g vinyl edition in gatefold.
1. Fear Of A Blank Planet
2. My Ashes
1. Anesthetize
1. Sentimental
2. Way Out Of Here
1. Sleep Together