Format: cd
Artist: Toyah
CatNo: VSCD04
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cd Toyah The Acoustic Album


A 2015 re-pressing of Toyah's 1996 Acoustic Album, now with new artwork.
Featuring intimate re-workings of classic back catalogue material - including Blue Meanings, Angels & Demons, The Vow, Ieya, I Want To Be Free and It's A Mystery - the album has become a sought after fan favourite in recent years and has been out of print for many years.
n.b the content of the CD is the same as the 1996 version, only the artwork has changed.


1. The Vow
2. Moonlight Dancing
3. Revive The World
4. I Want To Be Free
5. It's A Mystery (Piano Version)
6. Danced
7. Good Morning Universe
8. Blue Meanings
9. Jungles Of Jupiter
10. It's A Mystery (up tempo)
11. Ieya
12. Angels & Demons
13. I Am
14. Thunder In The Mountains
15. It's A Mystery (String Version)


Toyah Willcox: vocals
Tony 'Pooh' Kelly: guitars
David Waddington: guitar
Bob Skeat: bass & acoustic bass
Tacye: additional vocals
Andy Dewar: drums & percussion
Principal string players of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra headed by Jonathan Carney on 1, 15