Format: Vinyl
Artist: Section 25
CatNo: FBN135
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Section_25 Nature_and_Degree Magenta_vinyl
Nature + Degree (2009) is the sixth studio album from cult Factory Records group Section 25.
The first SXXV project to feature new members Stuart Hill and Steven Stringer., founder members Larry and Vin Cassidy are also joined on several tracks by Beth Cassidy, whose vocal style recalls that of her late mother Jenny on From the Hip and Love & Hate.
Stand-out songs include Garageland, Singularity, Remembrance and Saddled With Something - the latter featuring a string quartet.
The cover art references a design from 1933 by Alfredo Cavadini.
Issued on vinyl for the first time in 2023, this format is limited to 500 copies only pressed on magenta coloured vinyl.
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1. Pop Idol I
2. Singularity
3. Remembrance
4. Garageland
5. L'Arte du Math
6. Attachment
7. Saddled With Something
8. Forty Days
9. One Way Or Another
10. Mirror
11. Agenda
12. Pop Idol II