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Secrets & Lies
Artist: Jakko M Jakszyk
Format: vinyl

Jakko Jakszyk’s 2020 solo release Secrets & Lies combines sensitive songwriting..
Secrets & Lies
Artist: Jakko M Jakszyk
Format: cd/dvd

Jakko Jakszyk’s 2020 solo release Secrets & Lies combines sensitive songwriting and stunning ..
Between the Silence
Artist: Travis & Fripp
Format: cd

Between The Silence is a specially priced 3CD set comprising three complete concerts recorded in ..
Sometimes A Great Notion
Artist: Various Artists
Format: cd

Featuring Peter Gabriel, Robert Fripp, Pete Townshend, Elvis Costello and more, Sometimes A Great..
Spin 1ne 2wo
Artist: Spin 1ne 2wo
Format: cd

The solitary release by Spin 1ne 2wo, the supergroup featuring Paul Carrack, Rupert Hine, Tony Le..
Artist: Travis & Fripp
Format: cd/dvd-a

Featuring material drawn from concerts in Cornwall, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome, Discretion is the..
Artist: Stick Men
Format: cd

Stick Men's 2011 mini-album 'Absalom' sees the peerless King Crimson rhythm section of Tony Levin..
Artist: Pete Sinfield
Format: cd

A remastered and expanded double disc edition of Pete Sinfield's eccentric and beguiling 1973 sol..
Slow Electric
Artist: Slow Electric
Format: cd

Slow Electric is a project featuring Tim Bowness and Peter Chilvers in collaboration with the Est..
Julie Slick
Artist: Julie Slick
Format: cd

The debut instrumental release from Adrian Belew Power Trio bassist and composer Julie Slick is a..
The Bruised Romantic Glee Club
Artist: Jakko M. Jakszyk
Format: cd

The Bruised Romantic Glee Club is the 5th and most personal solo album by composer Jakko M. Jaksz..
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