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Cover Stories: 5 Decades of Album Art (Signed)
Artist: Bill Smith
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 15-12-2023
A beautiful 12-inch square hardback book featuring the influential album art produced by Bil..
Postcards From The Road (Signed)
Artist: Steve Rothery
Format: Book/Magazine

A luxury 300mm x 300mm (12"x 12") 180 page hard cover art book featuring over four hundred colour..
The Carpenters On Track
Artist: Paul Tornbohm
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 15-12-2023
The Carpenters On Track explores the background to all of the duo's studio albums and classic sin..
Oasis On Track
Artist: Andrew Rooney
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 15-12-2023
Dave Grohl once said of Oasis, ‘We’ve played shows with them before, where I look at them and thi..
The Zombies On Track
Artist: Emma Stott
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 15-12-2023
The Zombies On Track analyses every release by one of the most original and beloved 'British Inva..
Dark Horse Records: The Story of George Harrison's Post Beatles Record Label
Artist: Aaron Badgley
Format: Book/Magazine
Availability: 08-12-2023
A book chronicling the story of George Harrison's label from its beginning in 1974, through its s..
The Jam On Track
Artist: Stan Jeffries
Format: Book/Magazine

From the band’s first single, In The City in April 1977, to their last, Beat Surrender in Novembe..
Linda Ronstadt 1969 to 1989 On Track
Artist: Daryl Richard Lawrence
Format: Book/Magazine

A track-by-track breakdown of the first twenty years of Linda Ronstadt's pioneering solo..
Hawkwind On Track - revised edition
Artist: Duncan Harris
Format: Book/Magazine

A revised edition of the essential album by album, track by track guide to the music of Hawkwind,..
A behind-the-scenes, in-depth look at the making of one of the greatest sonic masterpieces and mo..
Based on his meticulous notes and journals, The Speed of Sound chronicles Thomas Dolby's life in ..
The Smashing Pumpkins On Track
Artist: Matt Karpe
Format: Book/Magazine

The Smashing Pumpkins rose to fame during the grunge movement of the early nineties. However, the..
Ralph McTell On Track
Artist: Paul O. Jenkins, Ralph McTell
Format: Book/Magazine

Ralph McTell's songs are populated by dozens of memorable figures that spring both from his exper..
Soft Machine On Track
Artist: Scott Meze
Format: Book/Magazine

Soft Machine On Track guides the reader through the maze of this revolutionary band's works, reve..
A Fool's Errand
Artist: Alistair Murphy
Format: Book/Magazine

A Fool's Errand is an Alistair Murphy novel partly designed as a literary accompaniment to his 20..
Sensational Alex Harvey Band On Track
Artist: Peter Gallagher
Format: Book/Magazine

Alex Harvey was active in the music industry from the very birth of British rock and roll. A Zeli..
Talk Talk On Track
Artist: Gary Steel
Format: Book/Magazine

During the group’s ten-year lifespan, Talk Talk released just five studio albums, but in the proc..
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