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Eric Clapton Solo On Track
Artist: Andrew Wild
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 27-08-2021
Of all of the 'classic' British rockers who came to prominence in the 1960s, only a very few have..
Tori Amos On Track
Artist: Lisa Torem
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 27-08-2021
In 1992, Singer, pianist and composer Tori Amos achieved fame with the intensely personal solid g..
Nu Metal : A Definitive Guide
Artist: Matt Karpe
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 27-08-2021
Nu Metal: A Definitive Guide revisits one of the most remarkable eras of heavy music, when mainst..
The Doors On Track
Artist: Tony Thompson
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 27-08-2021
The Doors remain one of the most original acts in the history of Rock and Roll. However, their ac..
The Damned On Track
Artist: Morgan Brown
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 06-08-2021
The Damned On Track is a fascinating, deep dive into each of the band’s groundbreaking records.&n..
Just The Ticket - A Live Aid Memoire
Artist: Pete Smith
Format: book/magazine

Pete Smith’s fascinating insider account of the 20th Century’s most celebrated concert event, Liv..
The Inflatable Book
Artist: Rob Harries
Format: book/magazine

Rob Harries' fascinating book recalls some of the best inflatable stage props made by his company..
Roy Harper On Track
Artist: Opher Goodwin
Format: book/magazine

Roy Harper On Track provides a track by track assessment of Harper's unique body of work (compris..
The Sweet in the 1970s
Artist: Darren Johnson
Format: book/magazine

The 1970s saw The Sweet score fifteen UK Top 40 singles, release seven studio albums and tour sev..
Peter Gabriel On Track
Artist: Graeme Scarfe
Format: book/magazine

If Genesis, according to British comedian and fan Al Murray 'were the progressive rock band who p..
Tom Petty On Track
Artist: Richard James
Format: book/magazine

A track by track, album by album analysis of Tom Petty’s extensive back catalogue, this retrospec..
Elvis Costello and the Attractions On Track
Artist: Georg Purvis
Format: book/magazine

Elvis Costello and The Attractions On Track explores every album, every song, and every non-album..
Caravan On Track
Artist: Andy Boot
Format: book/magazine

Caravan On Track traces the history of the 'Canterbury Sound' legends track-by-tra..
Curved Air In The 1970s
Artist: Laura Shenton
Format: book/magazine

Propelled into stardom at an exhilarating speed due to clever marketing and the virtuosity of the..
Camel On Track
Artist: Hamish Kuzminski
Format: book/magazine

Featuring a foreword by Steve Rothery of Marillion, Camel On Track provides a detailed analysis a..
Genesis: 1975 to 2021 - The Phil Collins Years
Artist: Mario Giammetti
Format: book/magazine
Availability: 13-08-2021
Genesis: 1975 to 2021 - The Phil Collins Years is the definitive biography of the later years of ..
Cover Stories: 5 Decades of Album Art (Signed)
Artist: Bill Smith
Format: book/magazine

A beautiful 12-inch square hardback book featuring the influential album art produced by Bil..
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