Format: Vinyl
Artist: Obtained Enslavement
CatNo: VILELP779
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Obtained Enslavement Witchcraft Peaceville vinyl

Obtained Enslavement's revered second studio album of masterful symphonic and melodic Norwegian Black Metal.

Featuring Pest from Gorgoroth and recorded at Grieghallen Studio.

Recorded by legendary producer Pytten, known for his work on countless Black Metal classics - including Mayhem’s De Mysteriis Dom Sathanas’ and Emperor’s In the Nightside Eclipse - this edition is presented on vinyl for the first time since its initial pressing in 1997.

1. Prelude Funebre 
2. Veils Of Wintersorrow 
3. Torned Winds From A Past Star 
4. The Seven Witches 
5. O' Nocturne 
1. From Times In Kingdoms... 
2. Witchcraft 
3. Warlock 
4. Carnal Lust