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Pure Fucking Armageddon
Artist: Mayhem
Format: Vinyl

Mayhem’s iconic 1986 demo, featuring a new tape transfer and presented on black vinyl and limited..
Nightmares Made Flesh
Artist: Bloodbath
Format: Vinyl

Bloodbath's monumental second studio album of relentless and brutal Death Metal from 2004, featur..
Resurrection Through Carnage (Silver)
Artist: Bloodbath
Format: Vinyl

2022 limited silver vinyl reissue of Bloodbath's 2002 debut studio album marking 20..
Breeding Death (Red)
Artist: Bloodbath
Format: Vinyl

2000's classic Breeding Death EP debut from the Swedish Metal masters, Bloodba..
Gothic EP
Artist: Paradise Lost
Format: Vinyl

Originally released in 1994, Paradise Lost's Gothic EP combined the tracks from the 1990 In Dub t..
Sacro Culto
Artist: Opera IX
Format: Vinyl

Opera IX's classic second studio album of symphonic, occult Black Metal from 1998.  &nbs..
Masterpiss of Pain
Artist: Khold
Format: Vinyl

Presented on the vinyl format for the first time, Khold's debut album of cold and primitive old-s..
Acknowledge the Confusion Master
Artist: Prophecy of Doom
Format: Vinyl

The cult 1990 debut album of UK Grindcore from the influential Prophecy of Doom.  ..
War Crimes - Inhuman Beings
Artist: Doom
Format: Vinyl

War Crimes - Inhuman Beings is the 1988 debut release from influential UK Crust/Metal act Doom.&n..
30th Anniversary white vinyl edition of the 1992 iconic Black Metal classic A Blaze in ..
A Blaze in the Northern Sky (30th Anniversary)
Artist: Darkthrone
Format: Vinyl

30th Anniversary vinyl edition of the 1992 iconic Black Metal classic A Blaze in the No..
Epicus Doomicus Metallicus 35th Anniversary set
Artist: Candlemass
Format: Vinyl

A special triple coloured vinyl set commemorating 35 years of an iconic debut that Metal Hammer c..
Throne Ablaze
Artist: Valkyrja
Format: Vinyl

Swedish band Valkyrja's fourth studio album of majestic darkness, presented on vinyl for the firs..
Slow Death
Artist: Mortem
Format: Vinyl

The legendary Slow Death recordings by Mortem, fully re-recorded and reworked (including extra tr..
For Darkest Eyes
Artist: My Dying Bride
Format: Vinyl

My Dying Bride classic 1996 show from Krakow, Poland on vinyl for the first time.  ..
Wisdom - Vibration - Repent (Purple)
Artist: Mortuary Drape
Format: Vinyl

Five track mini-album of all-consuming darkness from the Italian black metal legends, Mortuary Dr..
Grand Morbid Funeral
Artist: Bloodbath
Format: Vinyl

Bloodbath is a titan of death metal from Stockholm, Sweden, notable for the inclusion of Katatoni..
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