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Min tid Skal Komme
Artist: Fleurety
Format: Vinyl

A remaster of the 1995 studio debut from boundary-pushing Black Metal purveyors Fleurety. &nb..
Rock n Roll Conformity
Artist: Deviated Instinct
Format: Vinyl

The 1988 crustcore classic debut from Deviated Instinct.    Norwich’s primo kin..
Artist: Candlemass
Format: Vinyl

Candlemass’s essential live album of classic, crushing Doom on double vinyl in gatefold cover. ..
Ancient Dreams
Artist: Candlemass
Format: Vinyl picture disc

Limited vinyl picture disc marking the 30th anniversary of Candlemass’s classic Doom opus, Ancien..
Retribution For The Dead
Artist: Autopsy
Format: Vinyl

Autopsy’s first EP of rotten to the core Death Metal - from 1991 - re-released on vinyl with its ..
Shadow Gripped
Artist: Cancer
Format: Vinyl

The brutal 2018 studio album from the reinvigorated UK Death Metal legends Cancer. &nbs..
The Arrow Of Satan Is Drawn
Artist: Bloodbath
Format: Vinyl

The fifth full-length studio release from Bloodbath, the Swedish masters of Metal extremity. ..
Antithesis of Light
Artist: Evoken
Format: Vinyl

Antithesis of Light - Evoken's monumental third album of ‘funeral doom perfection’ from 2005 - on..
Never Stop the Madness - The Roadburn Inferno
Artist: Mysticum
Format: Vinyl

An LP / DVD set featuring a peerless performance from the Norwegian industrial Black Metal godfat..
Horrorhammer (blue)
Artist: Abscess
Format: Vinyl

The classic 2007 album of Punk/Death Metal from Abscess, the US masters of depravity (featuring A..
Artist: Mork
Format: Vinyl

Vinyl edition of Mork’s misanthropic Black Metal debut studio album.   Created by Th..
The Barghest O' Whitby
Artist: My Dying Bride
Format: Vinyl

The Barghest O’ Whitby - a 27 minute epic from 2011 - represents the epitome of My Dying Bride’s ..
Sign of the Corpse
Artist: Autopsy
Format: Vinyl

Stand-alone vinyl release containing Autopsy’s studio tracks originally recorded for the ‘All Tom..
Deliver Me Unto Pain
Artist: Banished
Format: Vinyl

Banished’s 1994 slice of brutal Death Metal presented on the vinyl format.   Ban..
Satanic Art
Artist: Dodheimsgard
Format: Vinyl

Dodheimsgard’s 1998’s album Satanic Art - plus bonus tracks - on vinyl for the first time. &n..
Recipe Ferrum!
Artist: Tormentor
Format: Vinyl

Tormentor’s experimental classic Recipe Ferrum! (2000) available on vinyl for the first time. ..
With Man in Charge
Artist: Violation Wound
Format: Vinyl

The 2018 studio album of violent Punk Death Rock from Autopsy mastermind Chris Reifert.  ..
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