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Suffer For Nothing
Artist: Morta Skuld
Format: Vinyl

Morta Skuld's 2020 studio release of brutal, hook-laden US Death Metal devastation that mark..
Scorn Defeat (White)
Artist: Sigh
Format: Vinyl

Limited 180g white vinyl edition of the 1993 debut from Japanese Black Metal legends, Sigh. &..
We're Going to Hell For This
Artist: Carpathian Forest
Format: Vinyl

Savage Black Metal misanthropy from the Norwegian masters, containing rarities and unreleased mat..
Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa
Artist: Cradle Of Filth
Format: Vinyl

2018 reissue of Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa, originally from 2010.   Double 140g vi..
Unblessing the Purity
Artist: Bloodbath
Format: Vinyl

The ferocious Death Metal mini-album masterclass from genre giants Bloodbath. A supergroup fe..
The Affair of the Poisons
Artist: Hellripper
Format: Vinyl

The second studio album of supreme blackened thrash Metal devastation from rising UK titans ..
Rota Til Ondskap
Artist: Mork
Format: Vinyl

The earliest raw recordings of the 21st Century titans of Norwegian Black Metal, including three ..
City Burials
Artist: Katatonia
Format: Vinyl

Katatonia’s 2020 release City Burials is an absorbing, soaring statement of intent offe..
Nattestid... (20th Anniversary)
Artist: Taake
Format: Vinyl

20th anniversary pressing of Taake’s cult 1999 debut studio album of masterfully crafted true Nor..
Curse Of The Red River
Artist: Barren Earth
Format: Vinyl

First ever vinyl edition of the stunning 2010 album of Finnish Death/Doom magic.   “..
Dynamo Doom (Gold)
Artist: Candlemass
Format: Vinyl

A limited gold vinyl release documenting Candlemass's early breakthrough concert at the famo..
Old Star - picture disc
Artist: Darkthrone
Format: Vinyl picture disc

Death's Design (Clear)
Artist: Diabolical Masquerade
Format: Vinyl

The fourth and final album of symphonic extreme metal from 2001, from Katatonia mastermind Anders..
Ravendusk in my Heart (blood red)
Artist: Diabolical Masquerade
Format: Vinyl

The dark 1996 debut album of atmospheric black metal from Katatonia mastermind Anders Blackheim N..
Jhva Elohim Meth (blue)
Artist: Katatonia
Format: Vinyl

**These copies have a very small crease on front edge of the sleeve (at the top on the spine) ..
Dying to Live, Living to Die
Artist: Violation Wound
Format: Vinyl

Violation Wound’s 2019 studio album of Hardcore Punk savagery (fronted by Autopsy’s Chris Riefert..
Henhouse Recordings
Artist: Mayhem
Format: Vinyl

Mayhem’s legendary rehearsal sessions from 1989, including classic tracks and a previously unrele..
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