A Plane Groovy heavyweight vinyl version of Damian Wilson and Adam Wakeman 2016 intimate tour-de-force, Weir Keeper's Tale.
Very different from Wakeman and Wilson's work with Headspace, Weir Keeper's Tale is an entirely acoustic release featuring singer-songwriteresque arrangements and a focus on lyrical stories.
180g vinyl in non-gatefold cover with full colour lyric insert and lined inner sleeves.
Signed by the artists.


1. Seek For Adventure (3:51)
2. Weir Keeper's Tale (3:21)
3. Catch You When You Fall (6:03)
4. Together Alone (3:28)
5. Murder In A Small Town (4:50)
1. Freedom Is Everything (4:04)
2. God Be My Judge (3:58)
3  People Come And Go (4:10)
4. Cold (4:38)