The third solo album from former IQ singer Paul Menel.
Produced and engineered by Gavin Monaghan (whose credentials include Robert Plant, Peter Gabriel, The Editors and Ocean Colour Scene) and built around the nucleus of a tight rhythm section (Tim Churchman on drums and Stephen Swift on Bass), Spare Parts For A Broken Hearts provides an ideal showcase for Menel's classic singer-songwriter stylings.
Signed edition.
Side 1:
1. 'Til Dawn Rolls In (4:00)
2. Strife (4:34)
3. Walk In My Shoes (3:26)
4. Crash And Burn (5:07)
5. Kryptonite (4:10)
6. Pedestal (4:27)
Side 2:
1. They Call Her Leaf (4:33)
2. Spare Parts For Broken Hearts (3:38)
3. The Pleasures Of Vicarious Vengeance (3:22)
4. Hey, Did You Hear About Paul? (4:38)
5. I Told My Last Lie Today (3:48)
6. Happy Face (4:16)