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Water Finds A Way
Artist: Robert Jurjendal
Format: CD

Water Finds A Way continues the colourful guitar/effects-based work that innovative Estonian guit..
Once Only
Artist: Eternal Return
Format: CD

Including Colin Edwin, Robert Jürjendal, Miguel Toro, and Dogon (the duo of Miguel Noya and Paul ..
Artist: Dogon
Format: CD

Dogon is Miguel Noya and Paul Godwin.    Redunjusta is the duo's remarkable 199..
All My Relations (At Peace)
Artist: Dogon
Format: CD

The 2015 album by Ambient Electronic Venezuelan/North American duo, Paul Godwin / Miguel Noya. ..
The Power of Distance
Artist: Robert Jürjendal & Miguel Noya
Format: CD

South America meets the Baltics as two modern musical pioneers combine forces.   Ele..
Artist: Miguel Noya, Paul Godwin, Robert Jürjendal
Format: CD

An ambient supergroup of musicians from Estonia, Venezuela and San Francisco performing intense P..
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