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The Absolute Universe: The Ultimate Edition
Artist: Transatlantic
Format: boxset
Availability: 05-02-2021
On its fifth album, the conceptual The Absolute Universe, Transatlantic - Nea..
Nirvana - Songlife 1967-72
Artist: Nirvana
Format: boxset
Availability: 26-02-2021
Songlife 1967-72 is a 6 LP deluxe boxset containing all 5 of Nirvana's pioneering studio alb..
The Art Of Losing
Artist: The Anchoress
Format: boxset
Availability: 05-03-2021
The Art of Losing is the second album from Welsh multi-instrumentalist The Anchoress (aka Catheri..
The First Generation 1965-1974
Artist: John Mayall
Format: boxset
Availability: 29-01-2021
A magnificent 35 disc deluxe boxset documenting the Godfather of British Blues, The First Generat..
Transmissions Live At The BBC
Artist: Colosseum
Format: boxset
Availability: 18-12-2020
Comprising 60 plus tracks recorded between 1969 and 1971, Transmissions - Live At The BBC, f..
50 Years: Anthology 1970-1976
Artist: Focus
Format: boxset

The 9CD/2DVD boxset, Focus – 50 Years: Anthology 1970-1976 contains the complete works of Focus a..
Delicate Sound Of Thunder (Deluxe)
Artist: Pink Floyd
Format: boxset

2020 remix of Pink Floyd's classic live album and restored and re-edited (from the original 35mm ..
Distant Memories – Live in London (Limited Deluxe)
Artist: Dream Theater
Format: boxset

Distant Memories - Live in London brings together selections from 2019’s Distance Over ..
Missing Links I-IV
Artist: Anthony Phillips
Format: boxset

Remastered 5 CD boxed set comprising the four original Missing Links albums by Anthony Phillips, ..
Strangers In The Night (Deluxe Edition)
Artist: UFO
Format: boxset

Regarded by many as one of the finest live Rock albums of all time, Strangers in The Night&n..
13 Winters
Artist: Frost*
Format: boxset

13 Winters is a comprehensive collection of Frost*s back catalogue, remastered and expanded with ..
The Future Bites Deluxe (Ltd Edition)
Artist: Steven Wilson
Format: boxset
Availability: 29-01-2021
Limited edition numbered deluxe boxset with CD album, CD bonus audio material, CD instrumentals, ..
Pilots of Purple Twilight - The Virgin recordings 1980–1983
Artist: Tangerine Dream
Format: boxset

A 10CD boxset containing remastered versions of Tangerine Dream's era-defining Virgin label outpu..
Joni Mitchell Archives Vol. 1: The Early Years (1963-1967) features nearly six hours of unrelease..
The Delerium Years 1991-1997
Artist: Porcupine Tree
Format: boxset

Deluxe limited edition 13 CD box set chronicling the evolution of Porcupine Tree, bringing togeth..
Mental Train: Island Years 1969-71
Artist: Mott The Hoople
Format: boxset

Mental Train includes Mott’s first four albums, Mott The Hoople (1969), Mad Shadows (1970), Wildl..
Complete 1969 Recordings
Artist: King Crimson
Format: boxset

The complete audio history of one of the most important debut albums of all time presented across..
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