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Artist: Soft Machine
Format: vinyl

The Softs at its most uncompromising, Drop captures the rare Ratledge-Dean-Hopper-Howard line-up ..
Artist: Isotope
Format: cd

Featuring Hugh Hopper on bass and the brilliant guitar work of Gary Boyle, Illusion is one of the..
Land Of Cockayne
Artist: Soft Machine
Format: cd

Soft Machine's final studio album, from 1981, featured the duo of Karl Jenkins and John Marshall ..
Artist: Soft Machine
Format: cd

Esoteric's long overdue re-release of the 1976 Soft Machine classic, Softs.   The ba..
Artist: Soft Machine
Format: cd

Esoteric Records long overdue, re-mastered, release of Soft Machine's classic 1975 album, Bundles..
Artist: Hugh Hopper
Format: cd-r

In 2003, ex-Soft Machine 'fuzz-bass' innovator Hugh Hopper gifted Burning Shed one of the albums ..
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